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Chapters 1-7

Summary Ch. 1
In chapter 1, Will Tweedy’s grandmother has passed away. His grandfather orders him to go get his mom and his aunt, because he has something important to tell them. Then the story changes into Will remembering how this day is particularly different eight years into the future. He begins to describe how his grandfather looks horrible, because their grandmother used to everything for him and now it seems like he is lost. Then all of a sudden, he tells them that he is going to marry Miss Love Simpson, and his daughters have a problem with it, because first, their mother has only been dead for three weeks, and second, because she is only in her thirties and their dad is about to be in his sixties.

Summary Ch. 2
In this chapter his grandfather leaves and Will’s mom and aunt begin to discuss the subject about the marriage, and show their real emotions toward Miss Love Simpson. They start to talk about their mother’s funeral and how the headline was “ Grieving Husband Left to Walk Through Life Alone,” and they begin to dread that Bubba Reynolds will find out about the marriage and will put it on the paper for everyone to know. Then his aunt begins to talk about wanting a dog to bite Miss Love and her dad in the butt. Will’s mom gets involved after his aunt says she wants to have a word with Miss Love, and she tells her to keep her mouth shut and not to tell anyone about the engagement. Towards the end of the chapter they begin to talk about how Miss love was supposed to marry Son Black, and also how she was engaged to a rancher in texas. Then they assume that the reason she didn’t marry them was because they are farmers, but then begin to wonder why she would want to marry a man that is almost in his sixties.

The setting of the book is on July 5, 1905, in Cold Sassy, Georgia. It is about a boy who’s grandmother has just died, and his grandfather is remarrying too early and that the person who he is going to marry is old enough to be his daughter. He begins to remember the day his grandfather told them that he was remarrying , eight years later. Then they daughters’ reactions to the subject. Then in the second chapter it takes place in Will’s mom’s house.

Literary Symbols Ch. 1
When Granny Blakeslee dies their grandfather has to talk to all of them about something important. He begins to talk about how much he loved his wife, but how he was also lonely. Then all of a sudden he says he’s going to remarry. It starts to show how things are going to be bad just by his daughters’ reactions.

Literary Symbols Ch. 2
When Will’s grandfather decides to marry Miss Love Simpson, his daughters get mad and start to wonder why she woould pick someone old over someone who is rich or handsome. Also, once Aunt Loma begins talking about something she doesn’t stop. This might signify that she will be the cause of word spreading around town.

1. Granny Blakeslee- dies in the book, a good cook, was a real good woman, beloved by the town.
2. Will Tweedy- narrator, 14 in first chapter, also telling the story in flashback.
3. Grandpa Blakeslee- drinks, wants to marry Miss Love, is 59, has two daughter, widow.
4. Aunt Loma- long curly red hair, puts pleasure before duty, acts fancy, poor.
5. Maryry Willis- Will Tweedy’s mom, plain, puts duty before pleasure.
6. Miss Love Simpson- about 33 or 34, engaged to Grandpa Blakeslee, wavy brown hair, smiley freckledly face, gray- blueish eyes, merry, wears big flowered hats and bright dresses.
7. Mary Toy- Will’s younger sister, red-haired.
8. Bubba Reynolds- editor of Cold Sassy Weekly.
9. Son Black- handsome, smart, cusses a lot, mean, and farmer.
10. Rancher from Texas- has land, money, got Miss Love’s best friend in trouble, forced to marry best friend.

Quotes Ch. 1
1. “ Will Tweedy? Go find yore mama, then run up to yore Aunt Loma’s and tell her I said git on down here. I got something to say. And I ain’t a-go’n say it but once’t.”
2. “But she’s gone, just like this here hand a-mine.”
3. “is I’m aimin’ to marry Miss Love Love Simpson.”

Quotes Ch. 2
1. “I’m lonesome.”
2. “I ain’t go’n be no burden on y’all. Not ever. Which means I got to hire me a colored woman or git married, one, and to tell you the truth, hit’s jest cheaper to have a wife. So I’m a-go’n marry Miss Love. And I ain’t got but one more thang to say. All y’all be nice to her. You hear?”
”Y-yes, of course I do. It said, ‘ Grieving Husband Left to Walk Through Life Alone’”
3. “Now, Loma, once you get started, you don’t know when to hush.”
4. “Dog bite your hide, Love Simpson”
5. “And dog bite yours, Pa!”
6. “Surely he won’t give her a ring! He just said he wanted us to know, not the whole world!”
7. “Son’s right nice-lookin’ and smart, but his mouth sure isn’t any prayer book. And he’s meaner’n a snake.”

The theme in chapter one is mostly about Will’s flashbacks, the family’s anxiety to know what Grandpa Blakeslee has to say, and the sadness due to their grandmother/mom’s death. Then in the scond chapter, it revolves around his daughters anger toward Miss Love and the wonder of why she would want to marry someone that old.

Chapter 3
Grandpa tells mama Aunt Loma that he plans to marry Miss Love. They get upset cause they feel that he is forgetting grandma. Will thinks that they are wrong. Mama tells Hoyt that she thinks that Miss Love is only after the money. Grandpa and Miss Love leaves to Jefferson to get married.
The setting is in Wills house. He is mostly hearing other people talking. When he is out in the garden he sees his dad run home. He then goes into the house following his dad. He over heres his dad and mom talking in his bedroom.
In this chapter it kind of foreshadowed what would happen. It foreshadowed that Miss Love might take grandpas money. Will has been talking about all that has changed since his grandma passed away.
The theme could be betrayal. Grandpas daughters feel that they are betrayed by grandpa remarrying. They also feel that Miss Love is going to betray grandpa by only marrying him for his money. Will feels betrayed cause he feels that he cant have fun anymore since grandma passed.
"Folks die in bed."
"A house will keep, whether you weed it or not, but that-air yard will git away from you in a bat of an eye."
"They aint no feeling in the world like taking on somebody wilted and near bout gone, and you do what you can, and then all of a sudden the poor thang starts to put out new growth and git well."

Chapter 4
Will was thinking about what all he had went through with his grandpa before. He thought back from when he helped his grandpa at the store. He also thought about when Miss Love came to town. He explained what happened when she came and what everyone thought of her.
The first setting was at grandpas house. Then the setting was at a chicken house at his grandpas store. Most of the setting was in the store though. This is where most of the conversations were. The town was also a setting.
The literary symbol is flashback. In this chapter Will had flashbacks on how all this stuff happened. He went back thinking about his grandpa. He thought of the first time Miss Love came. This whole chapter was based on him looking back.
The theme was how things have changed. He was thinking of how different things were then than they are now. He also thought about how the store and the workers changed. He thought about how grandpa and Miss Loves feelings have changed. The theme is how everything has changed and how it used to be.
"Born tired and raised lazy"
"Getting him to do something is like pushing mud."
"Money dont jump out at you, you have to work for it."

Chapter 5
This chapter is basically a come to term chapter. Will finally comes to terms with the death of his granny. With the death of his grann, his grandpa plans to marry Miss Love Simpson. Even though its only been three weeks since Granny Blakeslee died you get the feeling that Will approves. Although he would much rather have Granny Blakeslee he will settle for Miss Love Simpson.
Theliterary symbol is flashback. Will flashes back to stories he remebers. Also, he thinks of stories of how his parents met. All of this gives Cold Sassy an interesting background. With the flashback the reader is able to sympathize.
The setting is Cold Sassy. This chapter brings back memories of an older Cold Sassy. Through these stories the reader begins to understand the characters. A brighter light shines on there characters giving them personality and light.
The theme in this capter is understanding. Grandpa understands that granny is dead and doesnt want to be lonely. Will understands that Miss Love will be just another chapter in his grandpas life. Most importantly Loma and mama missunderstand everything thats going on.
"Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on Granny Blakeslee, " I begged. Please, God spare her. If thou wilt just let her live, i promise i'll be a better boy. Please, God. Please....."

Chapter 6
Granny Blakeslee gets sicker. As the chapter progresses she gets sicker and it gets harder for her to function. Will and grandpa pray for the lord to make her better. The prayer worked. The next morning she was better.
The literary symbol in this chapter is foreshadowing. Because granny is so sick she struggles to hang on. Her weakness made people pull togather. The next day she was better. The preacher said the lord just wasnt ready to take her yet.
There is only one setting in this chapter. The setting is grandpas house with his sick granny in bed Will comes to visit. He arrives at his grandpas house to visit her.
There are two themes in this chapter. One is sadness. everyone in town is sad and full of grief that Granny Blakeslee has suffered from a stroke. The second is happiness. This shows up at the end when granny wakes up well the next morning.
"Lord?, Lord im tempted to ast you to' make Miss Mattie Lou well like you was one of them Atlanta doctors or Santy Clause and her a Christmas present you would give me if'n you jest would. I know thou dont mind me hopin' she'll git well Lord, or wishin, but help me not to beg you to spare her..... Oh God, you know my sin!"

Chapter 7
This chapter life takes its toll on Will, grandpa, and everyone else. Granny Blakeslee has spells that noone can explain. She sees ghosts and angels. She realizes her time is up.At the end of the chapter Granny Blakeslee dies.
The literary symbol of this chapter is foreshadowing. One reason of that is Mrs. Avery. She said that the sick can get better before they die. The second reason is Granny Blakeslee ready to go. She was ready to follow the angel into the light.
The setting is once again at grandpas house. With granny having a rough time Will watches her. Granny is at grandpas house. She is not at a hospital.
The theme here is readiness. Granny is ready to go. Knowing her time is over she pursues the path with the angel. Each day she got closer to the light and in this chapter she was ready to finish.
"Mr. Blakeslee I seen the most beautiful beings....." As grandpa plopped down in the rocker, she went to telling him about it and got all excited again. "I wouldnt take a pretty for them angels!" she said it over and over, "I just wish you-"

Character List 1-7
1. Granny Blakeslee- Wills grandma who died. Wife of Grandpa Blakeslee.
2. Grandpa Blakeslee- Stubborn old man, grandfather of Will, Widower of Granny Blakeslee, Father of Loma and Mama
3. Will Tweedy- Son of Mary and Grandson of grandpa, hes understanding and nice.
4. Aunt Loma- Wills aunt and daughter of grandpa, Marys sister. Shes very conceited.
5. Mary Willis- Wills mom, daughter of grandpa, she is a worry wart.
6. Toddy Hughes- Put an ad in the news paper for granny.
7. Bluford Jackson- Wills best friend that died of lock jaw.
8. Mary Toy- Wills little sister, shes kinda shy.
9. Uncle Camp- Lomas husband, hes real lazy and laid back.
10. T.R.- Wills bird dog and hes very loyal.
11. Campbell Jr.- Loma and Camps son, hes a baby boy.
12. Queenie- Wills families cook, shes cocky.
13. Miss Love Simpson- Gets engaged to grandpa, is a nice yankee woman but causes problems.
14. Miss Mattie Lou- Grandmother of Will and wife of grandpa who dies.
15. Hoyt Tweedy- Wills dad, mamas husband, he is presbyterian.
16. Timmy Hopkins- Came by grndpas store after granny dies.
17. Pink Predmore- One of Wills friends that was suppose to go camping with him.
18. Lee Roy Sleep- Another one of wills friends that was suppose to go camping.
19. Smiley Snodgrass- One of Wills friend also involved in the camping plan.
20. Masiy Willis- Wills moms real name.
21. Son Black- A man who lives around the town and thinks highley of himself.
22. Mic Predmore- The mailman of the town.
23. Cudn Doodle- Friend of Wills who told him to lick a frozen pole when they were younger.
24. Miss Effie Bell Tate- Woman who lived in the town who only saw grandpa for his looks and money.
25. Hopewell Stomp- The third cousin of Wills dad.
26. Madam Joubert- French teacher that taught aut Carrie.
27. Aunt Carrie- Wills aunt shes rally proper.
28. Mis Honovers- Taught Miss Love how to be proper.
29. Mr. and Mrs. Eli P. Crabtree- Allowed Miss Love to live with them when she moved to town.
30. Arthur- Mr. and Mrs. Crabtrees son who died from being an alcoholic.
31. Mr. Cractic Flournoy- A nice man in the town who liked Miss Love.

Theodore was th 26th president of he United States. He was the leader of the Republican party and of the progressive party, he was a Govenor of New York and a professional historian, naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, and soldier. He is most famous for his personality, his energy, his vastrange of interests and achievements, his model masculinity, and his "cowboy" image. Originating from a story from one of Roosevelts hunting expeditions, "teddy" bears Are named after him.
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people. This is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the united States. Its mission is to " ensure the political, educationla, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate." Racial hatered and racial discrimination. " Its name retained in accord with tradition, is one of the last surviving use of the term colored people."
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The term womens suffrage refers to theeconomic and political reformed movement aiming toward extending suffrage-the right to vote- to women. The movements modern origins lie in France in the 18th century. Of currently existing independent countries, New Zealand was the first to give women he right to vote. However when this happened in 1893, New Zealand was a mostly self-governing colony of britain. Similarly, the colony of South Australia enacted legislation giving women the right to vote in 1894. Places with similar status which granted women the right to vote included the Wyoming Territory. Finally the U.S. granted the women the right to vote in 1919 ending womens suffrage in the United States.
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Olive Ann Burns
Olive was born in Banks County Georgia on July 17, 1924. Her father was a farmer who was forced to sell the farm in 1931 during the Great Depression. Burns family then moved to Commerc, Georgia. Burns attended Merser University,where se wrote for the college magazine. Her Sophomore she transferred to the University of North Carolina, here she majored in journalism. Burns started working for the Atlanta Journal and wrote under the name of "Amy Larkin". She married a fellow journalist Andy Sparks.In 1971 Burns began writing family stories. In 1975 Buns found out she had breast cancer. When she found this out she decided to change the short stories into one novel Cold Sassy Tree. The book was published eight years after it was began. When the book became famous Burns was geeting tons of fan mail asking for a follow up book, so she began writing Leaving Cold Sassy, but Burns died before she as able to finish the book.
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