♥ Chapter 22 ♥

Summery: Rucker arrives at home. Will suspects the Miss Bella Tate told him about what happened and Will Is excited and very woried that Rucker and Clayton will fight. Even though Rucker is extremely polite to Clayton and the two men get along well. Will starts to think about religion and wonders who Miss love was really meant to marry. Rucker ask clayton to spend the night, but he needs to catch the a train so he can go to Atlanta. He Leaves a silver trimmed saddle for Miss Love. Miss Love Worries About the gossip MIss Effie Bell Will spread in Cold Sassy.
  • Will- is the main character in this chapter. He talk to Miss Effie Bell. He goes trough many emotions in this chapter. He has to worry and feel anxious about his friends.
  • Rucker -is Will's grandpa. He almost gets into a fight with Clayton. He tries to be nice by asking him to stay the night. Rucker also asks Miss Love if she wants to marry Clayton.
  • Miss Love- has Clayton and Rucker fighting over her. She also worries about the towns gossiper, Miss Effie Bell. She gets a silver trimmed saddle from Clayton.
  • Effie Belle- Loves gossiping. She tells the whole town about Rucker and Clayton's "almost" fight.
  • Clayton- wants to marry Miss Love. He decides to leave her present and he gets into an argument with Rucker.
Symbols: The tree Might Symbolize Miss Love and Rucker's love at it's very beginning, or when they start talking.
Settings: The setting is at a hotel where Mr. Boop stays. And the setting is also at Rucker's House which is the fight takes place.
Theme: The gossip that Miss Effie Bell spreads across town. Cold sassy a town concerned with gossiping and prying into other people social lives.

♥ Chapter 23 ♥

Summery: Miss Love says she wants to stay in Cold Sassy and that she doesn't want to go away to marry Clayton. She got Will to give the silver lined saddle back to Clayton. Rucker gets frustrated with Miss love's crying. To get her crying to end, Rucker offers her a horse and that automatically puts her in a better mood. Will says he will return the saddle with his friends on the way to their camping trip.
  • Will- helps Miss Love alot in this chapter. He goes camping with some of his friends and get's asked to returns the saddle back to Clayton.
  • Rucker- helps calm Miss Love. She cries and he tells her to shut up which only makes her cry worse. But to solve the problem he offers her a horse.
  • Miss Love- Decides she doesn't want to spend her life with Clayton. She gets very emotional and cries a lot and she decides she will need the saddle for the horse Rucker has just offered her.
Symbols: The symbol in this chapter is that Miss Love decides she doesn't want to marry Clayton. It begins to show the love between Miss Love and Rucker.
Setting: Rucker's house is one of the settings. and the Camping Trip area is another one of the settings.
Themes: Will befriends Miss love and that helps their social lives. Since Cold Sassy is all about gossip, then your social life needs to have a good reputation.

♥ 4th of July ♥

Fourth of July could also bee know as Independence Day. The holiday was started when we adopted the Declaration of Independence and it happened on July 4, 1776. This is one of the major holidays for our country because it was when the Unites states of America started. Fireworks are often shot and patriotic songs are sung on this day by people showing their respect and pride. They often have firework displays in the United State major cities such as New York or Boston. Fourth of July is the day we broke free from Great Britain's control and their insane taxes. It was the one of the happiest days of those peoples lives that experienced it.

♥Chapter 24♥


In this chapter the family is seated at dinner and Will Tweedy is trying to bring up his camping trip. Everyone is very shocked when Miss Love's former fiance' brings her a saddle lined in silver. It is rumored thatit is a wedding gift. Willl informs the family that the saddle was alrready her's and Mr.Mccalliater was just bringing it back to her. Later that evening will goes to see Miss Love and he tells her that he isn't going to say anything about what else he saw, which was an unexpected kiss from Mr.McCallister. He tells her that if someone gossips about her he will defend her. Unfortunately Miss Effie Bell knew about the kiss and proudly reported it to Marry Willis and the rest of the town.


Marry Willis- Is very bitter towards Miss Love for marrying her dad.
Will Tweedy- Is determined to on his trip and earn trust from Miss Love.
Mr.McCallister Is attached to Miss Love.
Mr.Blakeslee- He Is old and consevative.
Miss Effie Bell- She wants to be the center of attention.
Miss Love-Is missunderstood and takes care of herself
Loma- She is very intrested in the towns' gossip..


A symbol in this chapter is that families are both a burden an a blessing.


At the dinner table and in Miss Love's Kitchen.


Miss Love recieves a saddle from Mr.McCallister, and the gossip spreads around town.


"...With kissses that ran together like a string of pearls."
-Will Tweedy
"Ma would spin in her grave...."
-Mary Willis

♥Chapter 25♥


Will and a friend hitch a ride with the mailman to Grandpa Tweedy's farm, where they hope to borrow Tweedy's covered wagon for their camping trip. On the way, the mailman tells them how he almost killed his first wife when she cheated on him. Will decides that he wants to be a farmer. At dinner, Tweedy thinks that there isn't enough room in his plot at the cemetery to bury him and his third wife. During dessert, Grandpa Tweedy finally helps Will and his friend hitch the mules to the covered wag


Rucker Blakeslee - Will's maternal grandfather. Rucker is a funny man.
Will Tweedy- Hitches a ride with the mailman.


The struggle to understand and accept death.


Grandpa Tweedy's Farm and the dinner table.


Grandpa Tweedy is thinking about the burial plot at the cemetery.



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Chapter 26

Will and his friends go on a camping trip and he starts to remember his friend Bluford Jackson, who died of lockjaw theyear before. Jackson before he died was planning a trip for the two of them to go camping so when Will starts thinking about it all his excitement turns sad. Alot of stuff starts going wrong like a bear eats all of their food, it starts to rain, and will tells scary stories. The guys start picking on Will about Miss Love and he tells them that Miss Love and Rucker sleep in different beds, even though he promised to keep ot a secret. When he realizes he made a mistake by telling them he starts to make up stuff about Loma like how she nursed a pig after she had a kid to keep up her milk supply.

Characters for Chapter 26

Will-Kinda sad because he starts to remember his friend that died the year before. Starts telling ghost stories to scare his friends. Runs his mouth about Miss Love and Rucker.
Bluford-Died of lockjaw the year before. Planned a camping trip for him and Will.
Miss Love- Doesnt sleep in the same bed as Rucker.
Rucker- Made Will promise not to tell about him and Miss Love.
Loma- Was Wills distraction when he accidently talked about Miss Love and Rucker.


Settings for Chapter 26

On a camping trip out in the woods with friends.
A bear eats all their food and they get rained on.

Theme for Chapter 26

The theme is that to turn bad attention off of you the characters put the spotlight on someone else. When the attention was on Will, he changed it to Miss Love and Rucker, and then after that he changed it to Loma.

Chapter 27

Will and his friends arrive back in Cold Sassy. Will gets Miss Love a horse, and she names it Mr. Beautiful. Wills made up stories about Loma start to get around. As punishment for spreading lies, Hoyt whips Will. Rucker lectures Will as well. Miss Love was removed from her position as piano player at church because of her alleged impropriety. In return Miss Love and Rucker start their own church services at Ruckers and Rucker preaches. Will find outs that he didn't get in trouble for the Miss Love and Rucker thing because while they were on their trip Miss Love told everyone about the sleeping in seperate bed thing.

Characters for Chapter 27

Will- returns to Cold Sassy and everything he said catches up to him. He gets in trouble by Rucker and Hoyt. He also gives Miss Love a horse.
Hoyt- whips WIll for punishment of running his mouth about Loma.
Miss Love- tells everybody that her and Rucker don't sleep together while Will and them were camping. Names her horse Mr. Beautiful.
Rucker- lectures Will about making stuff up about Loma, even though he does't even like Loma. Starts his own church services, him being the preacher when they remove Miss Love of playing the piano.

Symbols for Chapter 27

Settings for Chapter 27

One of the settings for this Chapter is the church when Miss Love is removed as piano player. Then they decieded to go to their own house and hold their own church service. Also they are at Rucker's house when he lectures Will.

Themes for Chapter 27

One of the themes for Chapter 27 is "be sure yours sins find you out". Will runs his mouth about Loma and is caught and gets in trouble for it.


Bildungsroman is a novel that deals with the psychological and emotional development of its protagonist, tracing his or her life from inexperienced youth to maturity. That is what Cold Sassy Tree is. We follow Will Tweedy as a child into more mature years.
The Bildungsroman generally takes the following course:
  • The protagonist grows from child to adult.
  • The protagonist must have a reason to embark upon their journey. A loss or discontent must, at an early stage, jar them away from their home or family setting.
  • The process of maturation is long, arduous and gradual, involving repeated clashes between the hero's needs and desires and the views and judgements enforced by an unbending social order. Eventually, the spirit and values of the social order become manifest in the protagonist, who is ultimately accommodated into the society. The novel ends with the protagonist's assessment of himself and their new place in that society.

david copperfieldcold sassy

Chapter 28

Summery: Mary Willis tells Will that everyone found out about Miss Love's arrangement with Rucker. Miss Love visited Rucker at his store. Someone called her Mrs.Blakeslee and she corrected them by telling them that she was keeping her name. The gossiper of Cold Sassy believes that Miss Love is only after Rucker's money. Mary Willis says she is beginning to hate Miss Love.

Chapter 28 Characters
Will- gets told about Miss Love and Rucker by Mary Willis when he was gone on his camping trip.
Mary WIllis- one of many gossipers. Mary tells Will what happens while he is gone, she begins to hate Miss Love.
Miss Love- tells everyone about her last name and everyone believes she is only after his money.
Rucker- Miss Love gets accused for wanting all of his money when she visits him at teh store.
Mrs Predmore- calls Miss Love Mrs BlakesLee. Miss Love corrects her and tells her that her name is not goning to change. She tells the whole story because she loves to gossip.

Chapter 28 Settings

One of the settings of this chapter is at the store where Miss Love runs into Mrs Predmore gets into it with Miss Love about changing her last name and they go get into it and and Mrs Predmore says that she is only after his money.

Chapter 28 Themes

One of the themes for this chapter is gossip. Everyones gossiping and causeing problems throughout the whole town. People are saying that the only reason Miss Love even married Rucker was for his money. It also doesnt help that they also find out that Miss Love and Rucker do not even sleep in the same bed as one another.